Our On – Line Services:

On - line Arrangement

When the compositions are simply recorded and sent to us via internet, we arrange the songs in our studio and send them to the production owner over the internet. These arrangements are subject to correction in accordance with the requirements of the producer. The final decision is made by the owner.

On-line Mix

Multitrackl recordings made in any studio are sent over the internet to us and we mix them in our own studio to make them ready for publication. If our company is going to publish the project, we publish in over 120 digital platforms such as itunes, spotify, deezer, muud, fizy, youtube  If another company wants to do the publishing business, we send these parts to the production owner over the internet after mixing and mastering processes.

Mfit Mastering

Our company owns an Apple standard, Mfit (Mastered for Itunes) certificate. The albums made with Mfit Mastering feature have more chances in the Apple itunes portal.

Album visual design and production of social media banners

Our experienced and up to date graphic team  designs an album cover image, social media sharing banners and short videos, digital booklet for itunes, EPK (Electronic Press Kit), such as press kit.

Press Bulletin

 Writing a press release bulletin is a separate work and is within the scope of our services.

Digital marketing service

Our company is closely following the ever-changing requirements of digital music portals. Being updated has become a must for digital marketing. We provide this service only for the productions we undertake. This marketing package has the guarantee to ensure more views and likes on media: Youtube, spotify ads for non-fake real (viral) views.

Digital Distribution & Broadcasting

We distribute digitally to make your audio or video product in about 120 different digital platforms all over the world, like  itunes, spotify, deezer, muud, fizy, youtube, within 10 days of the album’s date of upload. This service is not limited to any period. The creator will continue to stay on-air as long as the owner doesn’t want it and there is no problem with the original use or permission of the composition. Copyright incomes (royalty) are paid 4 times a year. In this regard, the digital accounting panel is always open to the producers and composers to look at the digital bookkeeping portal. They have just to ask.